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Adult Intimates from Clearpoint Direct

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Clearpoint Direct

Talking about sex is no longer for the young and uncouth, my mother, god love her, has even entered the odd sex debate at parties. The topic of sex is no longer a taboo subject kept secret and not discussed among friends or even lovers. More and more people are exploring their sexuality as couples and this in turn can only lead to healthier relationships, both in the bedroom and out.

This growing social acceptance of sex means Clearpoint Direct is proud to announce its new line of adult toys called Adult Intimates with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Clearpoint Direct has the gift that keeps on giving , time and time again. It is not just a gift for your partner or yourself, it for both of you.

The type of Adult Intimates we have chosen to carry are not the usual solo or mono variety. We have carefully selected items that are couple friendly, they are non-threatening so it is easier to introduce them to the bedroom. These are ideal for people that are debuting a toy in the bedroom or for experienced players.

Clearpoint Direct’s range of Adult Intimates are not just restricted to the sexula part of the body, but rather have the ability to stimulate other parts of the body as a vibrating massager, making fore play more playful

These personal massagers will help raise the heat in the bedroom and assist you and your partner to reach new stimulating heights. Check our range of intimates at Clearpoint Direct both you and your partner will not regret it.

The Wisper
Dual Ball Massager
Passion Pleaser



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