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About Us

About Us

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ClearPoint Direct was established in 1999 as a leading source of new, innovative and cost effective merchandise to make your life a little easier, comfortable or maybe even a little more fun! Through affiliate partnerships with brand name products from national companies often recognized for their attention grabbing commercials, we are able to bring you the latest high quality products that make your life better through convenience, wellness, comfort, time saving or space saving means and of course our goal is to bring these goods to you at the lowest prices possible.

ClearPoint Direct is a company of approximately 50 hard working, dedicated people with a common goal. We constantly strive to enhance and implement changes that improve our service to you, for you and because of you. The best working environment is of course a productive one and we take pride in being very productive!

Our pricing structure ensures that you are really saving money. With our affordable shipping rates on all orders and discounts on all merchandise, we hope that your shopping experience at ClearPoint Direct will secure you as a satisfied and repeat customer!

ClearPoint Direct advertises only under the ClearPoint banner, whether in the print media across North America or on our web site. The strategic position of our Champlain, NY location houses several other direct marketing companies which have no affiliation to ClearPoint other than occupying warehouse space in the same industrial sector.

Contact information
ClearPoint Direct maintains two locations. Our 1,250 square foot warehouse location is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and our American warehouse is in Champlain, New York. All customer inquiries, comments, questions and orders are processed through our Canadian location. Please call our customer service number 1-888-840-9999 and your call will be directed accordingly. You may also contact us by email by clicking here.

Our 1 888 Number
If at any time, you experience any problems with the functioning of our 888 toll free number from your area (1-888-840-9999), please let us know. If this occurs it is a temporary problem that we can rectify only if we know it exists. Should this occur, please call our customer service number at 514-631-7799 or send us an email us by clicking here. Please provide us with your name and address, 10 digit phone number you are calling from and the name of your phone service provider. We will use this information to contact your phone company and arrange for restoration of service.

Business hours:
8:30 am - 5:30pm (Eastern time), Monday to Friday

General Inquiries:
P.O. Box 888, Pointe Claire, Quebec, H9R 4Z6



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