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Tip of the Week - Valentine’s Day on a budget

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Who says you need to spend a whole lot of money on the one you love? Sometimes, the most creative, no cost ideas can go a long way…and are usually the most appreciated.

How about offering a home made gift certificate for a full body massage in a candle lit room with relaxing music?

How about a red themed dinner with red table cloth, red candles, red outfit/accessories and a hand written love note with each course served, hinting at what the “real desert” will be after the final course is served.

How about putting together a personal CD of your loved one’s favorite music? When printing your own CD cover, you can write a special message inside recollecting how the music reminds you of different moments in time shared together…and all that lovey-dovey stuff.

How about leaving little notes throughout the house or in your partner’s lunch bag or car letting them know how special they are and how you look forward to seeing them at your PRIVATE VALENTINE CELEBRATION. Each note should be a clue to the next one in a treasure hunt for the final note instructing time and place…and dress code (optional!!!)

There is more value in seeing the effort put into the planning and execution of a special event than the simple act of pulling out the credit card for flowers and chocolates.

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