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Shipping Information

Why is my Shipping Charge Different Online than in my Coupon?
We at Clearpoint Direct believe customer service is a top priority. Our shipping charges are among the lowest of all catalog companies in North America.

Some shipping differences exist depending on the type of medium used to order through Clearpoint. The shipping service offered on-line is more advanced as to what one would experience via conventional mail order.

1. On-Line orders are received at our processing center within 24hrs (on weekdays), versus conventional mail, which could take up to 1 week to receive
2. On-Line orders are often shipped within 24 hours
3. On-Line orders are more costly to process because of higher credit card processing fees
4. On-Line orders are trackable
5. On-Line orders are more convenient, you save time and money because you avoid purchasing stamps and envelopes, writing cheques, or mailing your order
6. On-line orders are confirmed via email at time of receipt and shipping
7. On-Line ordering is secure - we have independent monitoring agencies reviewing our web site security on a daily basis
8. On-Line orders are protected by PayPal and credit card merchant performance guarantees

Shipping Charges
We currently offer tiered shipping charges on all orders. Shipping charges are applied on a per order basis depending on the value of the merchandise you order.

Shipping Time
Shipping time is the time it takes to ship your order after processing. Processing includes receipt of order, system download, sorting, preparation of shipping label, postal manifesting, pick & pack and delivery to post office. Orders are not downloaded or prepared on weekends and statutory holidays. Please add these additional days to your expected delay time.

Order preparation time: Normally, order preparation time is 7 days (one full week) before being shipped. Occasionally situations beyond our control arise and extend this delay period. These include unplanned back orders, labor disruptions, natural disasters, adverse weather, and other possible unforeseen delays.

How is my Order being shipped?
We offer standard shipping in the USA via United States Postal Service (USPS) and in Canada via Canada Post Corporation. Unfortunately, we cannot offer priority or expedited shipping. All orders are processed in the same order stream on a first come first serve basis. For information on possible shipping delays please see below.

Occasionally, due to unforeseen demand or other related situations, merchandise may be on back order for a short period of time. In these and other situations where back orders are expected to be lengthy, you will be notified by mail of the anticipated delivery date and will be provided with an option to cancel all or the unshipped portion of your order.

If you want to order something that is on back order, place your order for this merchandise; your order will be shipped when it is available at our fulfillment center. If you do not wish to have your card charged for back ordered merchandise, please do not place your order at this time. Rather, periodically re-visit our site and inquire about the status of the particular item you are interested in.

Alternatively, you may call Customer Service to inquire about back ordered merchandise and expected delivery times at toll free: 888-840-9999 or email

Shipping Rates:
Shipping and handling charges are based on the total value of products in an order. Please see our price chart for a breakdown of the charges.

Total Order Value Shipping and handling
Up to $14.99...$5.95
$15.00 - $24.99...$6.95
$25.00 - $34.99...$7.95
$35.00 - $44.99...$8.95
$45.00 - $54.99...$9.95
$55.00 - $64.99...$10.95
$65.00 - $74.99...$11.95
$75.00 & Over...$12.95

What provincial or state sales taxes do you charge? Do you charge state taxes from this site?
As of June 2004, we have been authorized to add provincial sales tax to orders placed online. Please note that the shipping taxes are charged SEPERATELY from the shopping basket. The tax rates are as follows:

Province Tax Rate

NF, NB, ON 13% HST
NS 15% HST
BC 12% HST
QC 5% + 8.5% PST
All other provinces 5% GST

Why have I received only part of my order?
When ordering more than 1 product from ClearPoint Direct it is possible that the product will be shipped separately, this is due to split shipping. Split shipping occurs when the products are located in different warehouses or, due to weight restrictions; orders of 2 identical or similar products are shipped separately. Most of the time, both packages will arrive on the same day. However, in a few isolated cases, it is possible for the second package to arrive separately.

Split shipments allow us to process your order more quickly as we can ship from two (2) warehouses simultaneously. Also there is no need to prepare special packaging for multiple unit orders. When the first package arrives, you will see "Split Ship" on the mailing label. This means that the other package will be arriving very soon.

Can my order be shipped to an address other than my own?
Yes. You will be asked to fill out your billing address and your shipping address. If your shipping address is the same as your billing address simply check off the box on your screen. If the shipping address is different, please leave the check box blank. You will then be asked to insert a new shipping address.

Do you ship to international (non-Canadian) addresses?
Yes! But only to the United States. To ship to a US address please visit Please Note: All charges will be in American funds.